Nomad Life Sciences provides trained clinical research coordinators to the sites to conduct the clinical trials.
  • Pre trial:
  1. Identify Sites, potential Investigators
  2. Site set up
  3. Document collection
  4. Prepare site for SIV
  • During the trial:
  1. Assist in the informed consent process, screening ,randomization
  2. Coordinate subject study visits (Scheduled / unscheduled)
  3. Manage Clinical trial material accountability , distribution & logistics
  4. Coordinate with local & central lab logistics as per the study requirement
  5. Preparation, attendance and follow-up of monitoring and audit
  6. Subject reimbursements
  7. Maintain and update trial master files
  8. Coordinate SAE reporting on time
  9. On time completion of Case report form
  10. On time study related query resolution
  • Post-trial:
  1. Coordinate Close out visit
  2. Archival at site